2019 Issues Paper Consultation – Submission Received

Page last updated: 09 December 2020

Stakeholder consultation on the Issues Paper: Implementing Recommendations of the Third Review of the Gene Technology Scheme: Phase One consultation (Issues Paper), took place from 2 October 2019 to 29 November 2019 (extended until 4 December 2019). A total of 34 submissions were received as part of this consultation process.

The consultation sought feedback on key factors that would guide assessment of any future options for implementing recommendations arising from the Third Review of the Gene Technology Scheme.

In accordance with the Legislative and Governance Forum on Gene Technology Action Plan 2018-23, the Issues Paper focused on informing implementation of recommendations relating to definitional issues, risk proportionate regulation and streamlining of regulation. The paper provided discussion each of these issues and sought feedback on key factors to guide assessment of options for change.

The following submissions were received for the 2019 Issues Paper and exclude submissions made on a confidential basis. Submissions to this consultation closed on 4 December 2019.

The over-arching messages that have emerged from consultations have been consistent with views captured by the Third Review’s consultation in 2017. Participants emphasised that while the scheme is working well, the functionality of the scheme would improve from the following:

  • Increased flexibility in the Act and the Regulations to respond to new information (i.e. new risks);
  • Increased transparency to ensure public confidence; and
  • Implementation of streamlining proposals outlined in the Issues Paper.


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