Sport and Recreation Ministers' Meeting Communiqué, Adelaide 5 April 2019

Summary of the Sport and Recreation Ministers' Meeting for the 5 April 2019

Page last updated: 07 November 2019

Sport and Recreation Ministers' Meeting Communiqué, Adelaide 5 April 2019 (PDF 206 KB)

The Meeting of Sport and Recreation Ministers (MSRM) held its 52nd meeting today in Adelaide, at the iconic Adelaide Oval.

Strategic Direction

Ministers have committed that across the federation we will be focused on getting more people physically active.

Ministers will continue their collaborations and discussions to increase physical activity, to build positive, inclusive sporting environments that address equity, fairness, diversity and integrity.

Ministers agreed to consider National sporting events and undertake work in relation to physical activity and sport infrastructure.

Healthy Eating in Children’s Sport and Recreation

Ministers reaffirmed their commitment to promote the benefits of being active for life and eating well in sport and recreation environments, especially for children. In these sporting and recreation environments, children can have fun, form life-long relationships, increase physical activity, understand healthy food choices and be exposed to positive health messages that they carry with them throughout their lives. Sports Ministers also recognised the value of getting the right balance between physical activity and diet with increased healthy eating options made available. Ministers agreed to continue to work with the COAG Health Council on the joint statement.

Partnership with the COAG Education Council

Ministers also agreed to seek closer co-operation with the COAG Education Council to garner our collective efforts to review & refine curriculum elements and develop further strategy in joint portfolio areas affecting sport and recreation and education. Ministers identified opportunities for collaboration in the content and delivery of physical education and physical literacy in primary and secondary schools and early childhood activity.

Cost of Junior Sport

Ministers reconfirmed their commitment to having more young Australians being physically active. Ministers noted research and stakeholder engagement options to explore factors influencing the cost of junior sport to participants and the factors impacting the fee structures for sports. Ministers recognised that further interventions are required to deliver more affordable junior sport Nationally. Ministers agreed to continue discussions on additional measures to understand the root causes of and potential levers to increase affordability of junior sport.

Report Card for Girls and Women in Sport

Ministers were provided with the second update on female participation in sport across all levels.

Participation, irrespective of gender, grew by 4% (311,900 participants) across all physical activity categories (‘sports’, ‘recreation or exercise’ or a combination of these).

Females participating in ‘sports only’ has fallen by 190,700 but those reporting participation in a combination of recreation, exercise and sport has grown by 149,700. ‘Recreation and exercise only’ grew slightly or remained steady except for 0-8 and 45-54 year olds where there were falls.

Females remain under-represented in key sports leadership roles; including CEO, Board Chair, coaching and officiating roles since the last reporting period in October 2018. Female CEO leadership of sporting organisations is falling further behind the general business sector for the reporting period.