Sport and Recreation Ministers' Meeting Communiqué, Adelaide 1 November 2019

Summary of the Sport and Recreation Ministers' Meeting for the 1 November 2019

Page last updated: 07 November 2019

Sport and Recreation Ministers' Meeting Communiqué, Adelaide 1 November 2019 (PDF 357 KB)

The Meeting of Sport and Recreation Ministers (MSRM) held its 53rd meeting today in Adelaide.

Strategic Direction

Ministers agreed on a Strategic Work Plan 2019-2021 outlining their vision of working together across the Trans-Tasman region to influence change and deliver:
  • Increased physical activity across the population;
  • More inclusive sporting environments;
  • Greater benefits from major sport and recreation events;
  • Easier access to hard and soft infrastructure to enable physical activity; and
  • A ‘joined up’ high performance system.
These priority actions build on the results that the Meeting of Sport and Recreation Ministers have already achieved. The Work Plan seeks to ensure the whole of government is working together with non-government agencies, businesses and the community to build individual health & wellbeing and community resilience.

New National Strategy Adopted Targeting High Performance Sport

Ministers approved a National High Performance Sports Strategy 2024 towards a common goal of National pride and inspiration through International sporting success. The Strategy builds on various governments’ objectives to achieve sporting excellence. It seeks to optimise National alignment and collaboration of the High Performance Sport System partners and high performance outcomes, enhance the sustainability of the High Performance Sport System and assist governments in their respective investments in high performance sport.

The Strategy’s success will be measured against three key criteria:
  • Podium Success – Australians consistently winning medals at major International events
  • Pride and Inspiration – Our sporting champions are a positive influence on the community
  • World-Leading System – Our high performance sports system is recognised as world leading

Adventure Activity Good Practice Framework Released

Ministers are pleased to announce the official release of the Australian Adventure Activity Good Practice Framework which is the first Australia-wide framework for good practice risk and safety management for providers of guided outdoor adventure activities. The new Framework is the outcome of a four year project funded by MSRM, drawing on the knowledge of outdoor recreation peak bodies, representatives from government and 100+ industry technical experts.

The Framework consists of a core standard, a core guide to better practices and 12 activity-specific good practice guides for the following outdoor activities:
  • Inland Water Paddlecraft
  • Angling
  • Bushwalking
  • Abseiling & Climbing
  • Cycling, Cycling Touring & Mountain Biking
  • Canyoning
  • Caving
  • Challenge Courses
  • Enclosed & Coastal Waters Paddlecraft
  • Snorkelling
  • Camping
  • Horse Trail Riding
Ministers considered that having Australians active and participating in nature-based tourism, outdoor education and outdoor recreation has positive benefits for the individual’s health and wellbeing and to the economy more broadly. Ministers believe that the Framework will help outdoor adventure activity providers review their practices and continue to offer safe and responsible activities to the community, which is a vital part of helping people get outdoors and enjoy those benefits.

National Response to Concussion and Other Health and Safety Practices in Contact Sports.

Ministers acknowledged the growing body of evidence for long and short term health risks arising from concussion in sport and that a coordination of approaches could offer a strong outcome. Ministers also recognised the valuable and trusted resources provided by Concussion in Sport Australia in the contemporary, evidence-based management of sports-related concussion for all Australians; regardless of the sport, location or level of participation. Ministers agreed to undertake exploratory research to identify further mechanisms to strengthen Australia’s response to health and safety risks in sport and active recreation including regulatory, education and data sharing approaches.

Governance Reform in Sport

Ministers were provided with an update on governance reform currently being undertaken and discussed options for progress. Ministers sought to ensure impacted sports within each jurisdiction are consulted, that State Sporting Organisations are provided with the opportunity to advocate on behalf of their members to achieve consensus.

Report Card for Girls and Women in Sport

Ministers progressed work on the National Policy Framework for Girls and Women in Sport. Noting, overall participation across all physical activity categories (‘sports’, ‘recreation or exercise’ or a combination of these) grew by 132,000 females across Australia in 2018; despite female participation in ‘sports only’ having fallen by 39,800.

Females remain under-represented in key sports leadership roles; including CEO, Board Chair, coaching and officiating roles since the last reporting period in April 2019. Only a quarter of the National Sporting Organisation Boards reported meeting the targeted 50% membership of women.

Chair of MSRM

Ministers acknowledged the exemplary chairing by SA and noted that Queensland will be Chair for 2020 & 2021.