Submission from Individuals at the Institutional Biosafety Committee to the Gene Technology Act 2000 Review

2011 Review of the Gene Technology Act 2000

Page last updated: 28 October 2011

Dear Sir/Madam,

We wish to make a submission to the review of The Gene Technology Act 2000 (the Act) in our individual capacities as Chair, Secretary and Executive Officer of an Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC).

W have had over 10 years experience in implementing the Gene Technology Regulations in relation to contained GMO dealings in a medical research context.

We consider that the regulatory system stipulated by the Act operates effectively in protecting the health and safety of people and the environment by identifying and managing risks posed by gene technology. We believe that it is flexible enough to enable the appropriate and timely management of risks associated with emerging trends in biotechnology and that it supports harmonization with other relevant regulatory systems. We think that engagement in public in education about the risks of gene technology could be expanded under the Regulator's function of providing information and advice to the public.

In submitting this, we declare a duality of interest in that two of us (JR and GO'S) are members of the Gene Technology Technical Advisory Committee.

Yours sincerely

Professor John Rasko (Chair), Associate Professor Bing Yu (Secretary) and Dr Gabrielle O'Sullivan (Executive Pfficer) Royal Prince Alfred Hospital IBC

Original submission in PDF format (PDF 22 KB)

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