PHI 6/18 Rules Application Processing System (RAPS)

Page last updated: 24 January 2018

PDF version of: PHI 6/18 Rules Application Processing System (RAPS) (PDF 88 KB)

Section 169-10 of the Private Health Insurance Act 2007 (PHI Act) provides that a private health insurer that proposes to change its rules must notify the Secretary of the Department of the proposed change in the approved form.

The current approved form is the Rules Application Processing System (RAPS) which was implemented from 1 July 2003 as an online application which supports the electronic reception, processing, tracking and storage of Australian private health insurer rules.

In 2017 the Department sought feedback from all RAPS users on the system and their experiences. As a result, from Monday 29 January 2018, RAPS will be decommissioned.

From today, the approved form will be changed to:

    Any form of electronic document setting out the proposed changes to the private health insurer’s rules, submitted via email to

It would be preferred if the subject line included the name of the insurer and the text ‘Changes to Rules’.

There is no requirement for the Secretary of the Department to 'agree' or 'approve' the changes proposed by insurers. The obligation under section 169-10(1) is only to notify the Secretary of the proposed change prior to it taking effect. However, subsection 169-10(2) enables the Minister (or delegate) to, in writing, direct the insurer not to make the proposed changes to their rules if satisfied that the change might or would result in a breach of the PHI Act. This power has not changed.