Page last updated: 28 February 2018

PDF version: PHI 12/18 Hospital Declaration (PDF 46 KB)

The Department of Health has been advised that the following facilities are closed and therefore no longer declared as a hospital under Section 121-5 the Private Health Insurance Act 2007.

Dalcross Adventist Hospital 0015370F (ceased operation on 29 September 2017)

Stirling Dialysis Clinic 0077100B (ceased operation on 1 November 2017)

Cannington Dialysis Clinic 0077080L (ceased operation on 15 November 2017)

Rockingham Dialysis Clinic 0077120Y (ceased operation on 30 November 2017)

Linley Clinic 0043550L (ceased operation on 30 June 2017)

Peninsula Oncology Centre 0043890T (ceased effective 28 February 2018)

A list of all declared hospitals can be found at: