PHI 51/18 Hospital Declaration

Page last updated: 14 September 2018

PHI 51/18 Hospital Declaration (PDF 42 KB)

The following facility has closed effective 13 August 2018:

      Name: City East Specialist Day Hospital
      Provider Number: 0027000Y
The following facility has been declared (with the same provider number) under Section 121-5 of the Private Health Insurance Act 2007, effective 24 August 2018:
      Name: Alexandria Specialist Day Hospital
      Address: 15 Bowden Street, Alexandria, NSW 2015
      Provider Number: 0027000Y

      Hospital billing contact: Caroline Modra
      02 9425 1715

      The email address for remittances is

The following facilities have changed their name:

Previous Name: Diaverum Diamond Valley Dialysis Clinic
New Name: Diamond Valley Renal Care Centre
Provider Number: 0035140J

Previous Name: Diaverum North Melbourne Dialysis Clinic
New Name: North Melbourne Renal Care Centre
Provider Number: 0036880J

An updated list of all declared hospitals can be found at: