PHI 60/18 Private Health Insurance (Reforms) Amendment Rules 2018

Page last updated: 11 October 2018

PHI 60/18 Private Health Insurance (Reforms) Amendment Rules 2018 (PDF 48 KB)

11 October 2018

The Private Health Insurance (Reforms) Amendment Rules 2018 (the Amendment Rules) were made on 11 October 2018 and registered on the Federal Register of Legislation on 11 October 2018.

The Amendment Rules include amendments associated with the commencement of the following reforms (and related matters):

    • age-based premium discounts for hospital cover
    • improving information provisions for consumers
    • introduction of product tiers and clinical categories for hospital cover
    • the administration of second-tier default benefits arrangements for hospitals
    • removal of coverage for some natural therapies
    • technical changes to references to podiatric surgeons.
A list of commencement dates is set out in the following table:
ProvisionsAmendment TopicCommencement
Sections 1 to 4TechnicalThe day after registration on the Federal Register of Instruments.
Schedule 1Age-based discounts1 April 2019
Part 1 of Schedule 2Standard Information Statement1 January 2019
Part 2 of Schedule 2Private Health Information Statement1 April 2019
Part 3 of Schedule 2Repeal transitional Information Statement provisions1 April 2020
Part 1 of Schedule 3Product tiers and clinical categories1 April 2019
Part 2 of Schedule 3Repeal transitional product tier and clinical category provisions1 April 2020
Schedule 4Second tier administrative reforms1 January 2019
Schedule 5Removal of coverage of some natural therapies1 April 2019
Schedule 6Information provision1 April 2019
Schedule 7Accredited podiatrist technical amendmentThe day after registration.
The Amendment Rules include transitional provisions that allow for implementation of the requirements for product tiers, clinical categories and related matters for information statements over the period up to 1 April 2020. An explanation about the transitional provisions is included in the Explanatory Statement for the Amendment Rules.

The Amendment Rules and Explanatory Statement can be found by following the link to the Federal Register of Legislation.

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