PHI 65/18 Hospital Declarations

Page last updated: 15 November 2018

PHI 65/18 Hospital Declarations (PDF 56 KB)

The following facility has been declared as a private hospital under Section 121-5 of the Private Health Insurance Act 2007:

    Name: Westside Private Hospital
    Address: Levels 1 and 3, 32 Morrow Street, Taringa QLD 4068
    Provider Number: 0056200W
    Effective Date: 17 November 2018
    Hospital billing contact: Dane Schubach
    (07) 3833 6701
The following facility will close:

    Name: Montserrat Day Hospital (Indooroopilly)
    Provider Number: 0057020L
    Effective Date: 31 December 2018
The following facility has closed:

    Name: Monash IVF Mosman
    Provider Number: 0027440X
    Effective Date: 25 September 2018
The following facility will change their name:

    Previous Name: Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital
    New Name: Queensland Children’s Hospital
    Provider Number: 0056130T
    Effective Date: 9 November 2018
The following facility have changed their name and address:

    Previous Name: Pingelly Hospital
    New Name: Pingelly Health Centre
    New Address: 32 Brown Street, Pingelly WA 6308
    Provider Number: 0070680A
    Effective Date: 13 June 2018
An updated list of all declared hospitals can be found at: