PHI 66/18 Private Health Insurance Prostheses List Management System News

Page last updated: 21 November 2018

PHI 66/18 Private Health Insurance Prostheses List Management System News (PDF 54 KB)

PHI 66/18
20 November 2018

This circular:

  1. Informs external users of the Prostheses List Management System (PLMS) of a new release to fix technical issues experienced since the major release in September; and
  2. Asks users of the XML version of the Prostheses List to provide feedback on their experience.

PLMS release

The Department released a new version of PLMS on 21 September 2018, providing enhancements to the experience of external users and incorporating access to data previously held on an MS-Access database within the Department. Users reported a few issues with the functionality of PLMS following this release.

On the evening of Tuesday 23 October 2018, a new version of PLMS was released to fix these issues, including:

  • inability to select suffixes and current benefits for some applications
  • inability to submit applications to amend current listings as the current billing codes were shown as having an application in progress already
  • inability to input a valid TGA application number because of validation rules.

These issues have now been resolved. Users should continue to report any issue they encounter that prevents them from completing or submitting applications using PLMS.

To report a PLMS issue please either call the Prostheses Hotline (02) 6289 9463 or email with “PLMS issue” in the subject line.

XML experience

As the Prostheses List will no longer be provided in MS Access format, it is important to know if the XML file will meet the needs of users or if there are issues to be fixed before the Prostheses List is next published in February 2019 for the date of effect on 1 March 2019.

We are seeking feedback from users on your experience in developing your systems for the Prostheses List to be uploaded in XML format, and uploading the XML file published on the Prostheses List website.

We had received feedback from some users about minor issues which we have addressed, but are now seeking further feedback regarding usability.

Please email with “XML feedback” in the subject line and provide feedback on what type of data system you are using and whether you have encountered any issues in using the XML file to upload Prostheses List data.

Any input provided will be treated with confidence.