Radiation Oncology and Radiotherapy Services

This page provides access to information about radiation therapy services including accommodation and travel schemes, facility locations and treatment options.

Page last updated: 17 October 2019

Radiation Treatment Facility Locations approved for ROHPG Funding

Each of the pages below contains a list of the radiotherapy treatment facilities in each State and Territory that are approved for ROHPG funding.

Additional Information

More information about radiation therapy services including accommodation and travel schemes, and treatment options are outlined below:

From prescription to treatment

There are many different steps involved in a course of treatment for radiation therapy (planning, simulation and treatment), a unique treatment plan is created for each individual.

The following websites may be useful in providing information on exactly what is involved in radiation therapy treatment, and what is to be expected. Some of these sites also illustrate what the treatment machines look like. As individual treatment needs are different, consumers are strongly encouraged to discuss these details with their physician.
The Treatment process

The Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Radiologists and other cancer support agencies
Radiation Oncology Targeting Cancer website
Radiation Oncology Targeting Cancer website - Supporter Statements
The Adelaide Radiotherapy Centre
Health Direct Australia

Accommodation and Travel Schemes

All States and Territories have patient accommodation and travel schemes (PATS) that reimburse patients having to travel long distances a proportion of out-of-pocket expenses. Since conditions vary please contact your relevant State or Territory Department of Health.

Other Assistance

There are some non-Government organisations that also offer assistance for patients and their families having to travel long distances for treatment.

More information regarding assistance can be obtained from the various cancer councils throughout Australia, your treatment facility and the Leukaemia Foundation of Australia.

Some of these websites are detailed below.
The Leukaemia Foundation of Australia
The Cancer Council Australia
The Cancer Council Victoria
The Cancer Council New South Wales
The Cancer Council ACT
The Cancer Council Tasmania
The Cancer Council South Australia
The Cancer Council Western Australia