Home Medicines Review Program Qualitative Research Project Final Report

This page contains the Final Report for the Home Medicines Review Qualitative Research Project

Page last updated: 04 June 2009

The Australian Government introduced the Home Medicines Review (HMR) Program on 1 October 2001 to assist consumers living at home to maximise the benefits of their medication regime and prevent the harmful consequences of medication misuse. It affords them the opportunity to have a pharmacist (in collaboration with their general practitioner) comprehensively review their medication regime in a home visit and to be central in the development and implementation of an agreed medication management plan.

In November 2007, Campbell Research & Consulting was engaged by the Australian Government Department of Health and Ageing to undertake qualitative research into the HMR Program. This research aimed to identify gaps in access to the Program and the reasons for these, and to determine what drives participation in the Program. The Final Report for this research is now available.

PDF printable version of Home Medicines Review Program Qualitative Research Project Final Report (PDF 2773 KB large file)

The same publication in smaller sections:

Cover page and Executive summary (PDF 286 KB)
Options for consideration (PDF 243 KB)
Introduction (PDF 223 KB) (PDF 223 KB)
Methodology Overview (PDF 2144 KB large file)
Phase 1: Literature Review (PDF 353 KB)
Phase 2: Stakeholder considerations (PDF 311 KB)
Phase 3: Public call for submissions (PDF 309 KB)
Phase 4: Qualitative research with health professionals (PDF 576 KB large file)
Phase 5: Qualitative research with consumers (PDF 289 KB)
Project Conclusion and References (PDF 837 KB large file)

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