Capacity building project - Partners in Recovery

Flinders University has been engaged to deliver the capacity building project for the Partners in Recovery (PIR) initiative. The project involves national networking and information sharing, and provides sustained support to, and builds the capacity of, PIR organisations and support facilitators.

Page last updated: 18 August 2014

The Capacity building project aims to create an environment that:

  • enhances the knowledge base and expertise within PIR organisations
  • establishes and maintains strong service delivery partnerships
  • assists Medicare Local geographic regions to implement innovative and effective ways to improve a coordinated, comprehensive system response and
  • better meets the needs of people with severe and persistent mental illness with complex needs.
The project also:
  • builds strong networks amongst PIR organisations through establishing formalised opportunities for face to face contact through, at a minimum, an annual national workshop, and state/ territory workshops or network meetings/ activities
  • established a central point of access to the tools and resources developed to support implementation of PIR, and provides ongoing training and support to use the tools and resources as required. These are available on the PIR web portal.
  • documents and disseminates information/ resources on successful, innovative and best practice approaches to implement PIR
  • provides a PIR web portal that enables dialogue, trouble-shooting, information exchange and dissemination
  • transfers knowledge and keeps PIR organisations abreast of trends and developments and
  • has a direct link to the PIR national evaluator to ensure information generated through the project is available to inform PIR evaluation and monitoring activities.

Page last reviewed: 14 August 2014

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