Health Protection Program Guidelines

The Office of Health Protection Division is responsible for the Health Protection Program, which commenced in November 2016.

Page last updated: 09 February 2017

The Health Protection Program (the Program) aims to protect the health of all Australians from threats posed by communicable diseases outbreaks, natural disasters, environmental hazards, acts of terrorism and other incidents that may lead to mass casualties.

The Program consolidates a number of health protection activities previously funded under the Health Protection Fund, the Health Surveillance Fund and the Communicable Disease Prevention and Service Improvement Grants Fund.

The Program will fund a small number of grants to organisations that due to their national role, World Health Organisation (WHO) accreditation, or expertise may be required to provide on-going surveillance and assistance in health protection. The activities funded under the Program are an important part of Health’s public health protection framework that supports an innovative and efficient health sector that contributes to improved health and safety outcomes for the Australian public.

The Guidelines for the Program provide an overview of the arrangements for the administration of, and activities that may be funded under, the Program.