Bendigo GP Super Clinic

Information about the Bendigo GP Super Clinic (Bendigo Primary Care Centre) in Victoria.

Page last updated: 01 October 2014

Information as at August 2014.

Bendigo GP Super Clinic

Location of GP Super Clinic

123 Arnold St, Bendigo, Victoria

Contact details

(03) 5441 8622
Website: Bendigo Primary Care Centre (Bendigo GP Super Clinic)

Funding recipient

Monash University

Total Commonwealth funding

$5 million (GST exclusive)

Description of clinic

The Bendigo Primary Care Centre is a new two storey, 1,470m2 purpose built facility located close to Bendigo Hospital and Monash University's Rural Clinical School.

The clinic commenced operations on 24 October 2011. Top of page


Multidisciplinary care

The clinic provides multidisciplinary, integrated services through the following health professionals:
  • GPs
  • Nurse Practitioners
  • Mental Health Nurses
  • Wound management
  • Practice Nurses
  • Nurse Care Coordinator
  • Dietitians
  • Podiatrist
  • Diabetes Nurse Educator
  • Asthma/ Respiratory Nurse Educators
  • Social Worker
  • Bariatric Surgeon
  • Oncologist/geneticist
  • Genetic counsellors and
  • Cancer Genetics Nurse Top of page
The services offered at the clinic have a focus on chronic disease management and preventative health in a patient centered manner. Services Include:
  • GP consultations
    • Episodic care for acute conditions (eg: ear infections, colds, flu and gastroenteritis)
    • Ongoing care for chronic conditions (eg: mental health conditions, diabetes, chronic obstructive airways disease)
    • Minor procedures (eg: skin lesion biopsies)
    • Preventative health check-ups (eg: men’s health check, PAP smears)
  • General Paediatrician
    • Endocrinology
    • Diabetes
    • Neuro-Developmental/Behavioural issues
  • Practice nurse consultations
    • Wound management
    • Immunisations
    • Health Coaching
    • PAP Smears
  • Counselling
  • Diabetes Nurse Education
  • Care for paediatric diabetes
  • Asthma or Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Nurse Education
  • Nurse led care co-ordination for chronic conditions
  • Nurse practitioner led care for renal and respiratory disease
  • Psychology appointments for patients with chronic health conditions
  • Musculo-skeletal clinic Top of page
The clinic also offers:
    • Podiatry appointments for preventive foot health and non-acute foot problems
    • Dietitian appointments
    • Bariatric Surgeon appointments
    • Familial Cancer Genetics appointments
Group services and programmes that are run at the clinic include:
    • Diabetes group education sessions
    • QUIT smoking education sessions

Health needs and priorities

The services provided from the clinic have been developed to respond to the health needs of the local community. These needs were identified through a review of health services within the area as well as research conducted by the University of Adelaide.


Bendigo GP Super Clinic is fully accredited with GPA accreditation. Top of page

Operating hours

Monday to Thursday: 8.15am to 10pm; Friday: 8.15am to 6pm; Saturday & Sunday: 10.45am to 5.30pm; and Public Holidays (except Christmas) 10.45am to 5.30pm.

The clinic also provides after hours GP care for Bendigo Community Health Services and Bendigo & District Aboriginal Co-operative during the above opening hours.

Billing arrangements

The Bendigo GP Super Clinic, known as "Bendigo Primary Care Centre" is a mixed billings practice. In the GP stream, patients with a health care concession card, or pension card or a child under 16 years of age are bulk billed for all services. Other patients are charged an out-of-pocket fee for GP consultations and procedures at the discretion of the GP. All Mental Health Care Plans, GP Management Plans and Team Care Arrangements are bulk billed.

The services provided in the Preventive and Continuing Care Stream are a mixture of bulk billed or State funded services and fee-for-charge services with the fees being low to cover the cost of consumables (eg: a visit to the Diabetes Nurse Educator costs $5).

Home visits and visits to residential aged care facilities

Bendigo Primary Care Clinic has established a comprehensive outreach support service to residential nursing homes. This includes medical cover to the transitional care program (step down from acute care to home or residential care). Top of page

Clinical training arrangements

The clinic has larger consulting rooms to accommodate teaching and allow students or doctors in training to participate in consultations or have supervision without crowding the room. There are 3 consulting rooms with cameras to allow doctors in training (with consent of the patients) to record their consultations for review at a later time. There is an integrated clinic-wide teaching program with weekly education sessions available to all staff. This weekly education session complements the student doctors training program.

The Bendigo GP Super Clinic has close working relationships with the Monash University Bendigo Regional Clinical School. The Clinical Director holds a joint appointment with Monash University which has a focus on developing inter-professional education and research opportunities. La Trobe University is also developing a close relationship with the Clinic, particularly in the area of allied health teaching opportunities.


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