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Information about the Clarence GP Super Clinic in Tasmania.

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Information as at August 2014

Clarence GP Super Clinic

Location of GP Super Clinic

16-22 Bayfield St, Rosny Park. The clinic sits within the new Clarence Integrated Care Centre.

Contact details

(03) 6282 1400
Clarence GP Super Clinic website

Funding recipient

(Tasmanian) Department of Health and Human Services

Total Commonwealth funding

$5.5 million (GST exclusive)

Description of clinic

The Clarence GP Super Clinic (Clarence GPSC) is co-located within the new Clarence Integrated Care Centre (ICC) which is located close to Eastlands shopping area in Rosny Park. It is a new purpose built facility on the site of the former Clarence Community Health Centre.

The clinic is accessible by public transport.

The clinic commenced operations on 4 July 2011.The second stage of the ICC was opened on 13 July 2012. Top of page


Multidisciplinary care

The GP Super Clinic provides a range of services through GPs and practice nursing staff.

In addition to the individual GP consultations, the following nursing clinics operate:
  • Wound care: for the management of a variety of wounds
  • Chronic disease: for the provision of health assessments and care plans for people with a chronic disease,( e.g. diabetes and asthma management)
  • Immunisations
Clinical psychology and mental health nursing services are also available within the clinic.

Hobart Pathology also has collection services from the GP Super Clinic.

Referral pathways that have been established with the ICC include: respiratory services (particularly Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)), physiotherapy, social work, continence service and speech pathology. Referral pathways have also been developed with Eastern Shore Mental Health and Drug & Alcohol Services.

The Clarence GP Super Clinic is also working to integrate with all programs run through the ICC, including Healthy Eating, Smoking Cessation, Wound Care, Spirometry, Respiratory Clinics, Cardiac Rehabilitation Clinics and Community Nursing in-centre clinics. Top of page

Preventative activities

The clinic has a commitment to early detection and prevention of chronic disease through identification of high risk patients.

Current preventative activities include the following:
  • Child health and immunization
  • Health assessments and periodic reviews
  • Women's health including Pap smears
  • Men's health
The clinic is able to link in with preventative programs run as part of the ICC. For example, the Clinic participated in the recent trial of the type 2 diabetes screening employing the AUSDRISK Assessment Tool.

The clinic refers patients to a range of ICC programs available to patients at risk or diagnosed with a chronic disease include the following:

  • Healthy shopping tours – Diabetes Tasmania – operating from the ICC
  • Health coaching – Diabetes Tasmania and DHHS
  • Heartmoves - Heart Foundation
  • Smooth Movers – warm water activities – Arthritis Tasmania
  • Pathways to Change – Chronic Disease Self Management for people with diabetes Top of page

Health needs and priorities

The Clarence GP Super Clinic services the Eastern Arm of the peninsula, which has higher than average levels of drug dependence, excess alcohol consumption, and levels of self assessed psychological distress. The area reflects higher than national level rates of people who have asthma and are smokers, and people who have type 2 diabetes and are overweight or obese.

In response to these needs:
  • Mental health services including clinical psychology and mental health nursing services are being provided at the GP Super Clinic. On completion of stage 2 of the ICC, State-run Mental Health Services will also operate from the building.
  • Nurse led Chronic Disease Management Clinics have been implemented at the Clinic, initially targeting diabetes but will be expanded to include other chronic conditions including asthma.
Drug and alcohol services are provided from the ICC, including a dispensing service for Methadone, Buprenorphine and Suboxone and an outreach nursing position to provide support to local pharmacists and GPs. Nurse led clinics are currently operating within the ICC for clients of the drug and alcohol service.


The Clarence GP Super Clinic is accredited by AGPAL and is registered for the Indigenous Health Incentive program to assist Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander patients with chronic diseases manage their conditions better.

The clinic is also completing the accreditation process with General Practice Training Tasmania in order to host GP Registrars. Top of page

Operating hours

8am - 6pm Monday to Friday; 1pm - 5pm Saturday; 9am - 12pm Sunday

Billing arrangements

Bulk billing of pensioners, health care card holders, children under the age of 16, 'walk-ins' and all Enhanced Primary Care MBS items.

Home visits and visits to residential aged care facilities

GP visits to a local residential aged care facility are provided upon request.

Clinical training arrangements

Under-graduate medical student training within the GP Super Clinic commenced in February 2012 and GP Registrar training is anticipated to commence in 2013.

Allied health, nursing and medical students from the GP Super Clinic will participate in inter-professional training with the Clarence ICC, allowing them to gain valuable clinical experience across both the Clinic and the ICC. Top of page


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