Riverina GP Super Clinic

Information about the Riverina GP Super Clinic (Narrandera Medical Centre) in New South Wales.

Page last updated: 09 October 2014

Information as at August 2014

Riverena GP Super Clinic

Location of Super Clinic

3-7 Victoria Square, Narrandera

Contact details

(02) 6959 2100

Funding recipient

NGPM Pty Limited

Total Commonwealth funding

$1 million (GST Exclusive)

Description of clinic

The Riverina GP Super Clinic commenced operations on 19 July 2011. The clinic was an existing practice in Narrandera and the funding supported the refurbishment and extension of the existing premises. Top of page


Multidisciplinary care

The Riverina GP Super Clinic provides a wide range of multidisciplinary, integrated primary care services provided by GPs, nurses and allied health professionals, including a psychologist, diabetes educator, physiotherapist, podiatrist, audiologist, dietician, Aboriginal health nurse, and a patient case manager.

Visiting medical specialists currently attending the clinic on a sessional basis are orthopaedic surgeon, urologist and general surgeon.

Service delivery involves a team based approach through referrals and linkages to internal and external teams. The patient case manager coordinates health assessments and appointments and tracks ongoing care and reviews.

Preventative activities

The clinic participates in preventative programs in association with Medicare Local, Murrumbidgee providing a diabetes educator and psychologist. The clinic also supports community health campaigns such as Get Set 4 Life – Habits for Healthy Kids, the Heart Moves Program, bowel cancer screening and the mobile breast screening bus.

Regular immunisation clinics are held for children and a recall system is designed to encourage attendance and concurrent health checks. Flu and travel immunisations are also available.

Specific health issues (e.g. cervical screening, mens' health checks, asthma, periodic health checks) are promoted within the community through community organisations (eg service clubs, schools), the media and mailouts to target patients. Top of page

Health needs and priorities

The clinic provides an on-call doctor to be available for afterhours episodic presentations and emergencies. A registered nurse is available for triage. Chronic conditions identified as most prevalent in our community include diabetes and obesity. The ages and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander population are also a major focus.

An Aboriginal nurse undertakes lengthy Health Assessments and uses this opportunity to provide quality, patient specific, health education. Aboriginal services in Narrandera are co-ordinated by an Aboriginal Health Project Officer appointed by Murrumbidgee Medicare Local Limited to:

  • Increase ATSI access to health services
  • Prioritise the Aboriginal health needs in our local community
  • Build relations between patients and HC providers
  • Improve co-ordination of HC providers
  • Identify needs, funding and available services in the community
Regular consultations are conducted with the local Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community and local community groups to ensure the Riverina GP Super Clinic is responsive to local health needs. Specially tailored Health Assessments are conducted by an Aboriginal health nurse providing quality, patient specific health education. Contact is made with the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Project Officer appointed by Murrumbidgee Medicare Local, to prioritise the health needs of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in the local community, increasing access to health services and building improved relationships between patients and Health Care Providers. Top of page

Links to the community are being maintained through an ICAN Help Group comprising the GP Super Clinic project officer, practice manager, health care providers and community workers and community representatives. The aim of the ICAN Help Group is to encourage long term community ownership and support for the Super Clinic. The Group will assess the community’s health needs and provide input to the GP Super Clinics Clinical Governance Committee.


The practice is accredited by Australian General Practise Accreditation Limited.

Operating hours

The Riverina GP Super Clinic, also known as the Narrandera Medical Centre, is open 9am to 6pm Monday to Friday and 9:30am to 12:30pm on Saturdays. Arrangements are in place for after hours services through the Narrandera District Hospital where NGPM Pty Ltd provides an "on call" doctor 365 days of the year.

Billing arrangements

All Health Care Card holders, pensioners and children under the age of 16 years are bulk billed. Special consideration is given to patients in financial hardship. Health Assessments and Care Plans are bulk billed as are other services being promoted from time to time. Podiatry and some physiotherapy services are bulkbilled to patients with chronic disease. Hearing services are bulk billed for pensioners. Podiatry, Aboriginal health nurse and diabetes education services are free to ATSI patients. Psychological services are free to all patients. Top of page

Home visits and visits to residential aged care facilities

The Riverina GP Super Clinic provides services to a number of local aged care facilities on a regular basis. A roster is prepared and one GP is made available at least one day per week for 2-5 hour duration.

Clinical training arrangements

The Riverina GP Super Clinic hosts one GP Registrar position and works with the university of Wollongong and Charles Sturt University to host medical, nursing and allied health students. The clinic has a relationship with Coast City Country Training and has committed to host 2 GP Registrars in the coming year.

The clinic also has one consultation room which is dedicated to the University of Wollongong student, situated near by the supervisor for parallel consulting purposes. Consulting room sizes are adequate to host students alongside patients. A large comfortable conference type room equipped with laptop, extra large screen and internet connection is utilised for training events. A smaller meeting room is also used. Kitchen facilities allow meals to be provided on site for out of hours training sessions. Video equipment is available for review and consultations. Top of page


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