Private Health Insurance Reform: implementation timeline

Page last updated: 04 April 2018

PDF version: Private health insurance reforms: implementation timeline (PDF 113 KB)

October 2017Prostheses Rules made reducing benefits by $188 million annually from 2018 and further $115 million in 2020.
January 2018Establishment of the Ministerial Advisory Committee on Out-of-Pocket Costs.
February 201880% of the 2018 Prostheses List benefit reductions come into effect and 50% reduction in Superior Clinical Performance (SCP) premiums for some hip and knee implants.

Establishment of advisory committee on Improved Models of Care.

Mental health waiting period Rules drafted.
March 2018Exposure Draft of legislation released for public consultation

Legislation introduced to Parliament to support:
    • Regional and rural travel and accommodation benefits
    • Discounts for young people
    • Increased excesses
    • Increased PHIO powers
    • Changes to standard information provision
    • Cost recovery for second tier eligibility.

Establishment of advisory committee on Mental health care and rehabilitation care
April 2018Mental health waiting period Rules come into effect.
End May 2018Exposure draft of the Rules (as outlined below) released for consultation.
June 2018Legislation passed.

Rules made to:

    • Give effect to Gold/Silver/Bronze/Basic and standardised clinical definitions
    • Give effect to new information provisions
    • Remove benefits for natural therapies
    • Set detailed framework for second tier eligibility
    • Increase Complaints Levy funding the Private Health Insurance Ombudsman.
July – August 2018Private Health Insurance reforms incorporated into 2019 premium round process
August 2018The remaining 20% of the 2018 Prostheses List benefit reductions come into effect.
October to December 2018Advice to government from advisory committees on Improved Models of Care (including mental health care and rehabilitation care) and models for improved transparency of out-of-pocket costs received.
January 2019Second Tier Arrangements come into effect
February 2019Removal altogether of SCP premiums from the Prostheses List (note the suffix will remain).
April 2019 Private Health Insurance Reforms come into effect.