Special Approved Placements Program (SAPP)

Page last updated: 17 August 2020

The SAPP closed to new participants on 30 June 2019.

Why did the SAPP close?
As part of the Stronger Rural Health Strategy, the Department of Health streamlined the 3GA workforce programs available to non-vocationally recognised (non-VR) medical practitioners. As a result, the SAPP closed to new participants on 30 June 2019.

Information for doctors seeking access to a 3GA program
If you are looking to join a 3GA workforce or training program, please visit our 19AA information page for details of the programs that are currently accepting new participants.

Information for current participants
Doctors who hold a current placement on the SAPP can continue to access their placement until the nominated end date on their individual placement.

Applications for extensions of an existing placement at an approved location may be considered based on the circumstances of the applicant, including their eligibility for other programs, and whether the requirements of their previous placements have been met.

Placements will not be extended beyond the maximum participation period for their placement category under any circumstances. The maximum participation periods are not a guaranteed period of participation, as all applications are considered on an individual basis.

Current participants with an expiring placement
Current participants should review their existing placement to confirm whether they are eligible for an extension, and the requirements that they were expected to meet.

Placement extensions for current participants must be submitted to 19AA@health.gov.au six weeks prior to the expiry date of an existing SAPP placement, using the form provided below.