Norfolk Island Residents are eligible for Medicare from 1 July 2016

Page last updated: 27 June 2016

Norfolk Island is an external Australian territory in the Pacific Ocean, about 1,600 km northeast of Sydney. From 1 July 2016, Australian taxation, social security, immigration, biosecurity, customs and health arrangements, including Medicare and the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme, extend to Norfolk Island.

This means that eligible Norfolk Island residents should have their own Medicare card, and can claim Medicare rebates for eligible health services provided on Norfolk Island and on the Australian mainland, in the same way as other Australian residents. Australian Medicare arrangements are new to most Norfolk Island residents and patients may need assistance or additional information while they get used to the Medicare system. This may include advice on the need for a Medicare valid referral for patients who are currently travelling to the mainland to receive referred specialist or allied health services.

Norfolk Island residents who have not yet obtained their Medicare card should be advised to contact the Department of Human Services to enrol in Medicare. Medicare enrolment information is available at: