Summary of Changes for May 2017

This page contains information on changes to the MBS that occurred during May 2017.

Page last updated: 25 November 2020

Summary of Item Changes

New Items
30642 35730 41618 42705 73069

Deleted Items
12025 12026 12027

Amended Descriptions
6024 6058 12000 12003 12021 12022 12024 30631 30634 30635 31340 32213 32214 32215 32216 32217 32218 36663 36664 36666 36667 36668 42725 42734 42758 42788 42789 42791 42792 69471 73336 73922 73923

Fee Amended
73053 73055 73057

Epicutaneous patch testing for allergic dermatitis
Items 12021, 12022 and 12024 have been amended to also apply to patch testing services provided by consultant physician, Items 12025, 12026 and 12027 have been removed. Items 12000 and 12003 have been updated to remove references to 12025, 12026 and 12027.

Radical orchidectomy
One new item (30642) has been listed for a service for radical orchidectomy with or without insertion of a prosthesis. Items 30631, 30634 and 30635 have also been updated.

Amendments to Multiple Operation and Anaesthetic rule to include Mohs
The amendment to item 31340 for excision of muscle, bone or cartilage will allow it to be performed in association with the MBS items 31000-31002 for micrographically controlled serial excision (Mohs surgery). This change recognises that surgeons performing Mohs surgery may also on occasion need to excise muscle, bone or cartilage.

Amendment to sacral nerve stimulation items
Amending sacral nerve stimulation (SNS) items for treament of faecal incontinence (MBS items 32213-32218) and for the treatment of detrusor overactivity or urinary incontinence (MBS items 36663-36664 and 36666-36668), to lift the 18 years or over age restriction.

Ovarian repositioning
In March 2016, the Medical Services Advisory Committee (MSAC) provided in-principle support for a new MBS item for the service: 'Ovarian repositioning for one or both ovaries to preserve ovarian function prior to gonadotoxic radiotherapy', pending final drafting of an item descroptor. In May 2016, the MSAC Executive endorsed the listing of a new item on the MBS, as per the final item descriptor.

MSAC noted that the existing MBS item for ovarian transposition (35729) can only be used in conjunction with radical hysterectomy. Patients that require abdominal/pelvic radiotherapy and are at risk of infertility as a result of complications of treatment, cannot access existing 35729.

Middle ear implant item
One new item (41618) has been listed for a service to insert partially implantable active middle ear implants for patients with mid to severe sensorineural hearing loss. This listing was supported by the Medical Services Advisory Committee (MSAC Application 1365.1).

Ophthalmology items
A new interim item has been listed on the MBS for the insertion of MIGS devices when performed in conjunction with cataract surgery, sunsetting on 31 December 2017. The new item number is 42705.

Seven items (42725, 42734, 42758, 42788, 42789, 42791 and 42792) have been amended to clarify the intent of the items and prevent inappropriate co-claiming. These changes are expected to have minimal impact on patients as they aim to restrict inappropriate practices and do not remove patients' access to clinically relevant services.

Cervical Screening - Interim Arrangements
On 23 February 2017, the Department’s Chief Medical Officer announced the delay of the National Cervical Screening Program (NCSP) renewal from 1 May to 1 December 2017. Interim measures have been put in place to support the continued delivery of NCSP until 30 November 2017 when the renewal Program is implemented (1 December 2017). Interim arrangements from 1 May are:

• The current MBS items for the conventional cytology (Pap) test (73053, 73055 and 73057) will remain, and the schedule fee for each has increased from $19.45 to $28.
• A new MBS item (73069) for liquid based cytology (LBC) for cervical screening has been added at a schedule fee of $36.00 per test. This item will only be available until 30 November 2017.
• For each patient, a Medicare rebate will only be payable for one cervical screening test for cytology, either the LBC test or a conventional cytology (Pap) test, not both.