Summary of Changes for January 2019

This page contains information on changes to the MBS that occurred during January 2019.

Page last updated: 23 November 2020

Summary of Item Changes

New item

Fee amended
6080 6081

EMSN amended
13260 32528 32529 42505 42705

Amended note
GN.10.27 AN.30.1 MN.13.8

Addition of EMSN cap to MBS item 42505
An EMSN cap has been added to MBS item 42505.

EMSNcap for item 42705
Addition of EMSN cap to item 42705.

Amendment to items 6080 and 6081
This change increases the fee for items 6080 and 6081.

Diagnostic testing for ROS proto-oncogene 1 for access to crizotinib
New MBS Item for FISH testing for ROS1 immunoactivity by IHC examination for patients with locally advanced or metastatic non-small cell lung cancer, for access to crizotinib under the PBS.

Cyanoacrylate embolisation (CAE) for the treatment of chronic varicose veins
From 1 January 2019, EMSN caps will apply to CAE items 32528 and 32529.