Summary of Changes for May 2019

This page contains information on changes to the MBS that occurred during May 2019.

Page last updated: 23 November 2020

Summary of Item Changes

New items
36504 36505 36507 36508 63454 63460 63496 63545 63546 72860 73298 73299

Amended item

New note

Amended notes
AN.0.30, AN.0.51, TN.8.5, TN.8.135, TN.10.12, IN.0.18

Archival tissue retrieval
Retrieval and review of archived fomalin fixed paraffin embedded block(s) to determine the appropriate sample(s) for the purpose of conducting further genetic testing.

Genetic testing for diagnosis of Alport Syndrome
New item - a medical service that is a genetic test for heritable mutations in individuals with a strong suggestion of Alport Syndrome..

Genetic testing for Alport syndrome - family member
A genetic test for family members of individuals who test positive for one or more relevant mutations - see item 73298.

New heapatobiliary specific contrast item for Liver MRI
New separate hepatobiliary specific contrast agent item for use with new Liver MRI items (63545 & 63546) (MSAC app:1372.1)

Amendment to Item Descriptor for Item 35569
Item 35569 is restricted to in-hospital only. The item descriptor has been updated to reflect no out-of-hospital benefit is payable.

New item MRI of the liver for patients with mCRC (with contrast)
New MSAC item, gadolinium contrast Liver MRI for patients with known colorectal cancer, with liver lesion as defined by previous CT

Obstetric Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)
Two new items (K and NK) have been introduced for obstetric Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) for patients at 18 weeks gestation or greater in whom a fetal central nervous system (CNS) abnormality is suspected and diagnosis is indeterminate on tertiary ultrasound.

New item for contrast enhanced liver MRI for specified HCC patients
New contrast-enhanced liver MRI item for patients with known or suspected hepatocellular carcinoma for the purposes of diagnosis or staging where:
the patient has pre-existing chronic liver disease, confirmed by a specialist; and
has an identified hepatic lesion over 10mm in diameter; and
has been assessed as having a Child-Pugh class A or B liver function.

Fee INCLUDES use of HEPATOBILIARY-SPECIFIC CONTRAST AGENT. No other MRI modifying item can be claimed with this item.