Requirements for the Packaging and Transport of Pathology Specimens and Associated Materials 3rd Edition

Appendix I - Transporting any substances by surface transport (foot, trolleys) (Informative)

Page last updated: 22 October 2012

Triple packaging is recommended for the surface transport of all specimens/substances through public space by foot or trolley. The minimum requirement is double packaging and then only after a formal documented risk assessment has taken place, taking into consideration the boundaries of the relevant health facility campus and the registered address of the approved pathology laboratory.

Specimens in racks should not be transported in public areas (lifts, corridors, etc) unless the specimens are protected by outer packaging.

A double-packed specimen within a pneumatic tube canister meets the requirements of triple packaging.

Table A3.1 Examples of containers and packaging for double packaging surface transport of specimens

Primary receptacleBlood tube
Urine container
Histology specimen container
Secondary packaging of appropriate shape, leakproof and of sufficient volume to contain a spillClean bottle with screw lid
Biohazard bag
Snap-lock plastic bag
Trolley or rack of appropriate shape
Recommended but optional - Outer packagingCardboard box, supported polystyrene box, dispatch satchel, plastic box
Recommended but optional - Absorbent materialCotton wool, shredded newspaper
Vernagel (not for formalin)
Combine dressing (for formalin)
Recommended but optional - Cushioning materialCotton wool, shredded paper