(Refer to Standard 4 in Requirements for Medical Pathology Services)

All staff responsible for the packaging and transport of pathology specimens must be appropriately trained and their competency assessed for the tasks that they are to perform. They must be made aware of the provisions of this document.

  • Training for staff shipping specimens by air

Under the requirements of the Australian Civil Aviation Amendment Regulations 2003 (Part 92) (www.casa.gov.au/dg/index.htm), an organisation that ships infectious substances or dry ice must ensure that each of its employees who pack these substances (Group F employees) and their immediate supervisor undertakes accredited training before performing relevant duties, and every two years while continuing to have those duties. Training records must be maintained by the organisation and available on request by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority of Australia.

Employees who pack exempt substances for air transport must be aware of the requirements of the IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations before packaging these substances.