National Strategic Framework for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health 2003-2013

Population Health Approaches (immediate)

To ensure that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples enjoy a healthy life equal to that of the general population that is enriched by a strong living culture, dignity and justice.

Page last updated: 30 August 2011

Immediate Priority Actions (current year):
(Specific Strategies)

Lead Agency (Contributing agencies)

Population Health Approaches (immediate)

Substance Use

63. Reduce the harmful effects of alcohol, drugs and other substance use through partnerships with state and territory governments and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities that allow for holistic consideration of substance use issues. These issues include social, emotional and physical determinants of health that may lead to substance use, factors that exacerbate substance use such as co-morbidity and social issues, such as family, community and personal violence, unemployment,
crime and custodial settings.