National Strategic Framework for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health 2003-2013

Data and Information (immediate)

To ensure that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples enjoy a healthy life equal to that of the general population that is enriched by a strong living culture, dignity and justice.

Page last updated: 30 August 2011

Immediate Priority Actions (current year):
(Specific Strategies)

Lead Agency
(Contributing agencies)

Data and Information (immediate)

141. Implement the NAGATSIHID Strategic Plans, within the broader parameters of the 1997 National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Information Plan, including:
Approaches to health information development, collection and use:
  • Developing health information and evidence; Data protocols; Return of data to communities/use of data by communities; Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander statistical workforce; culturally appropriate measures of health; and International collaboration and international comparisons;
Priorities for information development:
  • Enumeration of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander population; Surveys; Administrative data; Primary health care; Other health services; Mental health; Violence; Prisoners’ health; and Health workforce;
Analytical work:
  • Health trends; Avoidable mortality and morbidity; Burden of disease; and Health expenditure:
Key statistical reports:
  • Health status and health service delivery