Healthy Bodies Need Healthy Drinks Resource Package

Activity 1: Drink Smart

Page last updated: 17 September 2014

PDF Version of Drink Smart (PDF 1088 KB)

Age Appropriateness: 5-11years

Learning outcomes

  • Are able to identify drinks that should be consumed less often;
  • Can identify healthier drink choices;
  • Understand the importance of reading labels; and
  • Understand the difference between natural and added sugars.

Required items

  • Coloured paper sheets (red, yellow and green) [OR] can use plain paper and colour in circles on the sheets to identify them.
  • Empty soft drink, juice, milk, flavoured milk and fruit flavoured drink (etc) containers.

Educator resources

  • Average Amount of Sugar in Drinks table (see final page).
  • Fact sheets and brochures included in the Resource Package.
  • Music and animations.


  • Place coloured sheet(s) on the floor around the room AND place a copy of Average Amount of Sugar in Drinks table under each sheet.
  • Explain what each coloured sheet represents:
    • Green means “Go”
    • Consume these drinks often, they are healthy.
    • Orange means “Caution”
    • Consume these drinks less often, as they are nutritious but have more sugar.
    • Red means “Stop”
    • These drinks are very high in added sugar.
  • Give each participant (or pair of participants) a drink container.
  • Ask each participant to decide which group (coloured sheet) their drink belongs to.
  • Have participants take turns to take their drink container to their choice of sheet of paper. Participants can then check the accuracy of their guess by turning the sheet of paper over to reveal which drinks fit into the chosen category.
  • If it is correct, ask the participant to place the drink container on the sheet of paper.
  • If it is in the wrong place, encourage the participant to go to the correctly coloured sheet of paper and place their drink container on it.
Additional tasks if literacy level and age is appropriate
  • Ask participants to look at the label and see if they can find, and say - how much total sugar is in the drink*
NOTE: *Serving size per drink may be greater than 1 – if a larger container, eg. a 1.25 litre bottle contains 5 servings of 250 ml (1 cup).
  • Ask participants to look at the label and see if they can find, and say what the amount of sugar is - per 100ml**.
NOTE: **This information will be on the label as it is a regulatory requirement


  • Explain the difference between NATURAL sugars such as those in milk and 100% fruit juice and ADDED sugars such as those in soft drinks.
  • Discuss the number of teaspoons of sugar against the list of drinks on the final page and how the extra added sugar in sugary drinks can impact on health, eg. weight gain, tooth decay.
  • Discuss with participants how they can choose more “Go” drinks in different settings. For example:
    • Take a water bottle with them.
    • Freeze water on hot days so that it stays cool for longer.
    • Choose milk instead of soft drinks.

Key Messages

  • When consumed in large amounts, sugar can contribute to weight gain and tooth decay and being overweight can lead to heart disease, diabetes and other chronic diseases.
  • Water is the best choice for hydration and health.
  • Eat a piece of fruit rather than drink additional juice.

Assessment options

How much sugar is in my drink?

  • The table below shows how many teaspoons there are in each type of drink and if they are natural sugars or added sugars.

Image of shows how many teaspoons there are in each type of drink and if they are natural sugars or added sugars shon in the following table.

Drink Average Qty sugar
WATER - “choose as your main drink throughout the day” 0
MILK (low fat) 250ml (1 cup) natural sugar 14g
3 tsp
100% FRUIT JUICE 250ml natural sugar 24g
6 tsp
FLAVOURED MILK 300ml added sugar - but has some healthy nutrients 28g
7 tsp
FLAVOURED FRUIT DRINK 250ml high added sugar 27g
7 tsp
ENERGY DRINK high added sugar 36g
8.5 tsp
SOFT DRINK CAN 375ml high added sugar 38g
9 tsp
SOFT DRINK BUDDY 600ml high added sugar 64g
15 tsp
SOFT DRINK 1.25 Ltr high added sugar 137g
33 tsp