Healthy Bodies Need Healthy Drinks Resource Package

Brochure 1 - Got thirst? Water first!

Page last updated: 17 September 2014

PDF Version of Drinks Brochure 1 - Got thirst? Water first! (PDF 1994 KB)

  1. Take a water bottle wherever you go
  2. Freeze a water bottle for cool water all day
  3. Put a water bottle in your child’s lunch box
  4. Keep cold water in the fridge at home ready to drink
  5. Take a water bottle when you play sport
Drinking more water is easy!
  • Reach for water first - it has no sugar and fixes your thirst
  • Drink low fat milk everyday to get calcium and other important nutrients
  • Eat more fruit and limit juice to half a cup occasionally
  • Check the label before you buy to see how much sugar is in what you drink
Choose sugar free soft drinks*

* Diet and sugar free drinks also increase risk of tooth decay as they contain acids which can damage teeth.

Got thirst? Water first!

How much sugar is in your drink?


  • No sugar
  • The best drink when you are thirsty

Low/Reduced Fat Milk (unflavoured)*

  • A great source of vitamins and minerals and is low in natural sugar

*Serve full fat milk for children under 2 years

Fruit Juice

  • Has important vitamins and minerals but also has lots of natural sugars and increases risk of tooth decay*

*so not too much - limit to half a cup occasionally

Sugary Drinks

  • Very high in added sugar
  • Poor source of nutrients
  • Increases risk of tooth decay and weight gain
  • Add lots of extra sugar to our diet and don’t have the healthy things our bodies need