Healthy Bodies Need Healthy Drinks Resource Package

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Page last updated: 17 September 2014

Transcript for Introduction

Boy: Hi life lovers what’s the fuss. Drinking and eating healthy it’s essential in maintaining good health and keeping strong.

Girl: It is also important for people to know more about how much sugar is in sugary drinks. Do you know what happens to you when you drink lots of high sugar drinks?

[Text in background]: weight gain, tooth decay

Boy: In your pack you will find these great informative resources. We hope this information is helpful for promoting better health for the whole community.

[Text in background]: resources in this pack include:
    • posters
    • information brochures
    • music & animations
    • games & activities
    • fact sheets & user guides

Girl: Your mum and dad, brothers, sisters, aunty, uncle, elders and all of the little kids too

Sing: Drink water, uh yeh drink water uh yeh, drink water repeated
Drink it

Transcript for Life Lovers

Hi life lovers what’s the fuss?
If you drink sweet drinks you’ll look like us
Sugar in your drink makes your teeth decay
There’s maxed out sugar in a can? No way!

Energy drinks, they’re no good for kids
And sweet juice, don’t even open the lid
Flavoured milk is not the way.
Well tell me something that I can do every day.

If ya playing a game and your lungs could burst.
There’s only one way to cure your thirst…
Drink water yeah uhuh
Drink water yeah yeah
Drink water year uhuh

Drink it!

Transcript for Healthy Teeth, Healthy Heart

Healthy teeth
You need them to munch munch
Healthy teeth
Munch on your lunch lunch
To keep them neat
You can’t have what’s sweet – all of the time

Healthy heart
You need one to run run
Play with our friends
Or help out your mum mum
There’s something you can do
To keep it true
All of the time

Too much sugar in your drink
Well what too sweet?
Come listen to my song and have a little think
For a healthy body and healthy teeth
You must drink delicious water
Yes a drink of lovely water
Just a drink of
Cool, cool, cool water