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Page last updated: 17 September 2014

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Healthy Teeth Healthy Heart (MP3 1404 KB)

Healthy Teeth Healthy Heart

Recorded by: Lani Pigram, Lombadina Community -with backing vocals by Tonchi McIntosh Snr
Duration: 1 min

Healthy teeth
You need them to munch munch
Healthy teeth
Munch on your lunch lunch
To keep them neat
You can't have what's sweet -all of the time

Healthy heart
You need one to run run
Play with your friends
Or help out your mum mum
There's something you can do
To keep it true
All of the time

Too much sugar in your drink
Well what's too sweet?
Come listen to my song and have a little think
For a healthy body and healthy teeth
You must drink delicious water
Yes, lots of lovely water
Cool, cool, cool water

Life Lovers (MP3 1021 KB)

Life Lovers

Recorded by Tonchi McIntosh Jnr, Brigalow McIntosh, Banjo McIntosh
Duration: 1 min

Hi life lovers what’s the fuss?

If you drink sweet drinks you’ll look like us
Sugar in your drink makes your teeth decay
There’s ‘maxed out’ sugar in a can? No way!

Energy drinks, they’re no good for kids
And sweet juice, don’t open the lid
Flavoured milk is not the way.
Well tell me something I can do every day.

If ya playing a game and your lungs could burst
There’s only one way to cure your thirst...

Drink water yeah uhuh
Drink water yeah yeah
Drink it!

My Country is Strong (MP3 2800 KB)

My Country is Strong

Recorded by – Henley Hunter, Beagle Bay
Duration: 2.04 min
My Country is strong

I care for it like my grandparents
I’ve done since time began
My country is strong
My country is healthy

Healthy creeks
Healthy springs
Healthy ocean

These waters give me everything I need
Gives me strength and washes all the bad away

You too can be healthy and strong and free
Just like my country

Pure water
Pure water when you’re thirsty makes you strong
Just like my country
My country gives me everything I need
My country is strong

W.A.T.E.R. (AIF 15556 KB)


Recorded by – Trevor Ishigushi, Djarindjin
Duration: 1 min 30 secs

W.A.T.E.R -be a star
W.A.T.E.R -be a star

Me and the kids spent the day at Djarindjin Beach
We were hunting and a fishing to a hip hop beat
When the tide went down -mud crabs all around
And when it came up the fish went to town

But we only took enough for our families
A happy country feeds you and me
But if we let it down like a big bass sound
We'll only find food in the shop in town

And our choice to drink? We didn't even think
Come on everybody let’s make the link
We want to live long not make it shorter
So drink from the land. Pure water

So come on everybody keep your bodies strong
Like me and the kids you can't go wrong
Don't let yourself down like a big bass sound
Stand tall and strong like a termite mound

Respect the land -keep to the plan
Keep it sugar free -we know you can
Let your friends know to be really cool
You gotta drink lots of water it's the golden rule

Yeah let your friends know this is how you roll
And if they keep it sweet it’ll take its toll
Don't be dummy… Drink smart!

W.A.T.E.R -be a star
W.A.T.E.R -be a star
W.A.T.E.R -be a star
W.A.T.E.R -be a star

Long and Healthy Life (MP3 955 KB)

Long and Healthy Life

Recorded by Neil Murray
Duration: 41 seconds

Drink water all the time
For a long and healthy life

Drink lots of water, tell your sons and your daughters
For a long and healthy life

So drink water all the time
It’s a better drink than wine
If you drink lots of water and stay off the sugar
You’ll have a long and healthy life

Yes -don’t make your life shorter
Drink lots of water for a long and healthy life