Review of the Multicultural Mental Health Australia (MMHA) project

Appendix E: Stakeholder survey questionaire

Page last updated: November 2009

Instructions for survey completion
Inquiries about the review or interview
Survey questions


The Multicultural Mental Health Australia (MMHA) project is targeted towards transcultural mental health and suicide prevention, and is one of a number of national projects which centres on the needs of specific population groups. The project aims to raise community and professional awareness to support a national focus on the mental health issues faced by Australia's culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) communities.

The Department of Health and Ageing (DoHA), through the Mental Health and Workforce Division has engaged Health Outcomes International (HOI) to review the MMHA project. A survey instrument has been designed for completion by MMHA stakeholders who are in a position to answer a range of questions examining the appropriateness, effectiveness and efficiency of the MMHA service model. You have been identified a key stakeholder to inform the review.

Instructions for survey completion

Thank you for agreeing to participate in the review via this survey. Provision has been made in each section of the survey for you to answer the question or provide the information required. Feel free to type your answers into this document, using as much space as required.

Please note that the survey questions are directed to you as a representative of your organisation/agency – you should answer the questions in this capacity. Depending on your involvement with MMHA, there may be some questions that you are unable to answer. There are no right or wrong answers. The focus is on determining what has worked well, what can be improved during the life of the project and issues for future consideration.

Please return your completed response by COB Wednesday 13 May, 2009 via one of the following methods:
  1. Email:
  2. Fax: 08 8363 9011 - Attention: Lorraine Scorsonelli; or
  3. Post: Attention: Lorraine Scorsonelli. Health Outcomes International. PO Box 1038 Kent Town SA 5071
All responses will be held in confidence and will only be used for the purposes of this review. The review will report only on key themes that the evaluation team finds, and so no information about any one individual or organisation/agency will be identified.
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Inquiries about the study or survey

Should you have any queries related to the review and/or the completion of this survey, please do not hesitate to contact me:

Lorraine Scorsonelli - Project Manager
Phone 08 8363 3699
Email Lorraine at

On behalf of the Department of Health and Ageing, we thank you for participating in the Review.

Yours sincerely,

Lorraine Scorsonelli
Senior Consultant
6 May 2009

Survey questions

Contact details

  • Name of organisation:
  • Your name and title:
  • Contact telephone number:
  • Contact email address:
  • What is/was the nature of your involvement with the Multicultural Mental Health Australia (MMHA) Project?

Section one: MMHA governance and accountability

  • What do you identify as the role of MMHA?
    • Are the roles and responsibilities of MMHA stakeholders clear and appropriate? Yes / No. Please explain:
    • Are the roles and responsibilities of MMHA stakeholders documented? Yes / No. If yes, in which document(s)? Any comments?

  • Can you describe the powers of delegation and decision-making within MMHA? Are these transparent and appropriate?
    • Who do you think MMHA is accountable to?
    • Are there alternative governance models which could be considered? Yes / No. Please explain:

  • Do you feel there is sufficient communication between your organisation/agency and MMHA? Yes / No. Please explain:

  • What is your view on the disbanding of the MMHA Consortium?

  • What opportunities (if any) do you see for improving the governance and accountability of MMHA?

Section two: MMHA planning

  • Who do you identify as MMHA's target group(s)?
    • In what way does/can your organisation/agency contribute to MMHA's planning activities aimed at identifying and addressing the mental health needs of CALD communities? Yes / No. Please explain:

  • What opportunities (if any) do you see for improving how MMHA plans its activities/services?
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Section three: suitability and sustainability of MMHA model

  • Is the current MMHA service model adequately addressing the needs of:
    1.1 CALD communities Yes / No.
    1.2 CALD-specific service providers Yes / No.
    1.3 Mainstream providers? Yes / No.
    Please explain:
    • Are there any areas of unmet need? Yes / No. Please explain:

  • What are MMHA's linkages with the National Mental Health Strategy and other related Government policies?

  • What is your view of other Commonwealth or health jurisdiction programs with respect to MMHA? (select one)
    - Programs overlap with MMHA
    - Programs duplicate MMHA
    - Programs are complimentary to MMHA
    - Other:
    • Any comments?

  • Are those concurrent programs well coordinated by MMHA? Yes / No. Please explain:

  • What are the things you like/find most helpful about the activities/services that have been made available by MMHA?
    • Is there anything that you don't like or find that is not helpful? Yes / No. Please explain:
    • Are there any activities, services that you feel would help address needs that are NOT currently available? Yes / No. If yes, what are they and how do you think they would help?

  • Have some MMHA activities/services worked better than others? Yes / No. Please explain:
    • In your view, what have been the facilitators or drivers of success for MMHA?
    • What have been some of the barriers or impediments to success for MMHA?

  • Is there a formalised method (e.g. a forum) for you to provide any feedback/comments to MMHA? Yes / No.
    • If yes: please describe
    • If no, how have you provided any feedback?
    • If you have offered feedback, was it addressed to your satisfaction? Yes / No. Comments?

  • Can you identify any areas for improvement (i.e. the suitability of the model) in how MMHA addresses the mental health needs of CALD communities?
    • What opportunities (if any) do you see for improving the sustainability of MMHA?

Section four: future considerations

  • What have been the major learnings (both positive and negative) from the implementation of MMHA?

  • Is there a continuing need and role for a project such as MMHA? Yes / No.
    • If yes: describe what form it should take
    • If no: why not?

  • Do you have any other comments in relation to MMHA?

Thank you

Thank you for participating in the review.