Communicable Diseases Intelligence 2017

This page contains links to all articles published in Communicable Diseases Intelligence during 2017. All issues are available for download as a full PDF document and each article is available in both PDF and HTML format.

Page last updated: 24 May 2018

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Communicable Diseases Intelligence (CDI) is a quarterly publication of the Office of Health Protection, Australian Government Department of Health. It aims to provide information about communicable diseases in Australia to inform and assist those with responsibility for communicable disease control in a wide variety of settings.

Summary of issues for 2017

Issue 1 - March 2017 contains a commentary, six peer-reviewed articles, two revised case definitions and two annual reports as well as the regular quarterly data reports.

Issue 2 - June 2017 contains three peer-reviewed articles and three annual reports as well as the regular quarterly data reports.

Issue 3 - September 2017 contains four peer reviewed articles, two short reports, four annual reports, one quarterly report and two policy items.

Issue 4 – December 2017 contains three peer reviewed articles, one short report, five annual reports, eight quarterly reports and one policy item.