Reviewers for Communicable Diseases Intelligence in 2009

This page contains a list of reviewers who participated in the pre-editing process of the Communicable Diseases Intelligence, during 2009.

Page last updated: 22 February 2010

A print friendly PDF version is available from this Communicable Diseases Intelligence issue's table of contents.

The Communicable Diseases Intelligence staff wish to thank the following reviewers for their valued assistance throughout the year.

Sheena Adams, Ruth Bishop, Jim Burrow, Scott Cameron, John Carnie, Barry Coombs, Maria Craig, Joshua Davis, Jenny Firman, Joy Gregory, Alan Hampson, Bronwen Harvey, Tim Inglis, Cheryl Johansen, Brian Kay, Anthony Keil, Heath Kelly, Kathy King, Carl Kirkwood, Tony Korman, Matthew Law, Sharon Lewin, Peter Markey, Kristine McCartney, Peter McIntyre, Jodie McVernon, David Philp, Jane Raupach, David Smith, Nicola Stephens, Mark Veitch

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This issue - Vol 33 No 4, December 2009