Australia's notifiable diseases status, 2002: Annual report of the National Notifiable Diseases Surveillance System - Table of contents

The Australia’s notifiable diseases status, 2002 report provides data and an analysis of communicable disease incidence in Australia during 2002. The full report is available in 20 HTML documents. This document contains the Table of contents. The full report is also available in PDF format from this page.

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This article {extract} was published in Communicable Diseases Intelligence Vol 29 No 1 March 2005 and may be downloaded as a full version PDF file (738KB).

Keflemariam Yohannes, Paul Roche, Charlie Blumer, Jenean Spencer, Alison Milton, Chris Bunn, Heather Gidding, Martyn Kirk, Tony Della-Porta

Table of contents

List of tables, figures and maps


Australian map and population by Statistical Division

Map 1. Australian Bureau of Statistics Statistical Divisions

Annual report

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This issue - Vol 28 No 1, March 2004