Communicable Diseases Intelligence Volume 38 No 3 - September 2014 Epidemiology of pertussis in Australia

This issue contains an editorial on pertussis, three original articles on pertussis, three annual reports on immunisation coverage, adverse events following immunisation and antibiotic resistance, as well as the regular quarterly data reports.

Page last updated: 10 November 2014

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Epidemiology of pertussis in Australia

This issue is available as a full PDF (1742 KB) or by individual articles below.


Pertussis control in Australia – the current state of play
Dr Helen Quinn, Senior Research Fellow, National Centre for Immunisation and Research of Vaccine Preventable Diseases
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Original articles

Australian vaccine preventable disease epidemiological review series: pertussis, 2006–2012
Alexis Pillsbury, Helen E Quinn, Peter B McIntyre
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Finding the ‘who’ in whooping cough: vaccinated siblings are important pertussis sources in infants 6 months of age and under
Christina Bertilone, Tania Wallace, Linda A Selvey
Full text [HTML] | Full text [PDF 333 KB]

A state-wide information campaign during a pertussis epidemic in New South Wales, 2010
Paula J Spokes, Alexander E Rosewell, Alex S Stephens, Jeremy M McAnulty
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Annual reports

Immunisation coverage, 2012
Brynley P Hull, Aditi Dey, Rob I Menzies, Julia M Brotherton, Peter B McIntyre
Full text [HTML] | Full text [PDF 1888 KB]

Surveillance of adverse events following immunisation in Australia, 2012
Deepika Mahajan, Aditi Dey, Jane Cook, Bronwen Harvey, Rob I Menzies, Kristine K Macartney
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Australian Enterococcal Sepsis Outcome Progamme, 2011
Geoffrey W Coombs, Julie C Pearson, Denise A Daley, Tam Le, James O Robinson, Thomas Gottlieb, Benjamin P Howden, Paul DR Johnson, Catherine M Bennett, Timothy P Stinear, John D Turnidge for the Australian Group on Antimicrobial Resistance
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Quarterly reports

National Notifiable Diseases Surveillance System, 1 April to 30 June 2014
Full text [HTML] | Full text [PDF 442 KB]

Australian childhood immunisation coverage, 1 October to 31 December cohort, assessed as at 31 March 2014
Brynley P Hull for the National Centre for Immunisation Research and Surveillance of Vaccine Preventable Diseases
Full text [HTML] | Full text [PDF 228 KB]

Australian Meningococcal Surveillance Programme quarterly report, 1 April to 30 June 2014
Monica M Lahra for the Australian Meningococcal Surveillance Programme
Full text [HTML] | Full text [PDF 180 KB]

Australian Sentinel Practices Research Network, 1 April to 30 June 2013
Monique Chilver, Daniel Blakeley for the Australian Sentinel Practices Research Network
Full text [HTML] | Full text [PDF 234 KB]

Invasive pneumococcal disease surveillance Australia, 1 April to 30 June 2014
Rachel de Kluyver for the Enhanced Invasive Pneumococcal Disease Surveillance Working Group
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Policies and guidelines

Recommended composition of the Australian influenza vaccine for the 2015 season
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Deputy Editor: Katrina Knope
Associate Editor: Timothy Sloan-Gardner

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