2016 Index to Communicable Diseases Intelligence, Volume 40

This page contains an index of articles that were published in Communicable Diseases Intelligence during 2016, by author and subject.

Page last updated: 24 December 2016

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Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people

Adverse events following immunisation

Andrews, Ross M (see Moberley, Sarah A etal);E340

Annual reports

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Antimicrobial resistance

Arboviral diseases and malaria in Australia

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Arbovirus and malaria surveillance

Australian childhood immunisation coverage

Australian Gonococcal Surveillance Programme

Australian Group on Antimicrobial Resistance

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Australian Master of Applied Epidemiology Program: Looking back, moving forward; Davis,Stephanie etal;E326

Australian Meningococcal Surveillance Programme

Australian National Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease Registry

Australian Paediatric Surveillance Unit

Australian Rotavirus Surveillance Program

Australian Sentinel Practices Research Network

Australian trachoma surveillance annual report, 2013; Cowling, Carleigh S;E255

Australian vaccine preventable disease epidemiological review series: Influenza 2006 to 2015; Li-Kim-Moy, Jean etal;E482

Australia’s notifiable disease status, 2014: Annual report of the National Notifiable Diseases Surveillance System; NNDSS Annual Reports Writing Group;E48

Avian influenza

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Bacille Calmette-Gurin

Bacillis cereus

Bareja, Christina (see Pennington, Kate etal);E315

Bareja, Christina (see Sullivan, Sheena G etal);E347

Bastian, Ivan (see Denholm, Justin etal);E356

Beard, Frank H (see Dey, Aditi etal);S1

Beard, Frank H (see Hendry, Alexandra J etal);E470

Beard, Frank H (see Hull, Brynley P etal);E146

Beard, Frank H (see Li-Kim-Moy, Jean etal);E482

Beard, Frank H (see Martin, Nicolee V etal);E454

Bell, Jan M etal

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Bell, Jan M (see Coombs, Geoffrey W etal);E236, E244

Bennett, Sonya (see Knope, Katrina E etal);E17, E401

Biggs, Janice S (see Stephenson, Lisa M etal);E195

Bines, Julie E (see Roczo-Farkas, Susie etal);E527

Binotto, Enzo (see Vos, Luke J etal);E496

Blakeley, Daniel (see Chilver, Monique B-N etal);E182, E306, E448, E561

Blyth, Christopher C (see Cheng, Allen C etal);E521

Bowler, Simon D (see Cheng, Allen C etal);E521

Boyd, Alison (see Klug, Genevieve M etal);E207, E368

Brief overview of influenza surveillance systems in Australia, 2015; Sullivan, Sheena G etal;E347

Bright, Amy et al

Brotherton, Julia M (see Hull, Brynley P etal);E146

Brown, Simon (see Cheng, Allen C etal);E521


Butler, Michelle T (see Dalton, Craig B etal);E512

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Carlson, Sandra J (see Coghlan, Benjamin etal);E204, E352

Carlson, Sandra J (see Dalton, Craig B etal);E512

Case definitions

Cheng, Allen C etal

Cheng, Allen C (see Coghlan, Benjamin etal);E204, E352

Cheng, Allen C (see Dalton, Craig B etal);E512

Chilver, Monique B-N etal

Chiu, Clayton (see Li-Kim-Moy, Jean etal);E482

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Chlamydia trachomatis

Ciguatera fish poisoning

Clinical diagnosis and chemical confirmation of ciguatera fish poisoning in New South Wales; Farrell H, etal;E1

Clostridium perfringens

Coghlan, Benjamin etal

Collignon, Peter (see Coombs, Geoffrey W etal);E244

Collins, Steven J (see Klug, Genevieve M etal);E207, E368

Communicable Diseases Intelligence

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Communicable Diseases Network Australia

Communicable Diseases Network Australia MenW Working Group

Congenital syphilis

Coombs, Geoffrey W etal

Coombs, Geoffrey W (see Bell, Jan M etal);E229

Corvisy, Rachael etal

Coulter, Chris etal

Coulter, Chris (see Denholm, Justin etal);E356

Cowling, Carleigh S etal

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Coxiella burnetii

Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease

Currie, Bart J (see Knope, Katrina E etal);E17, E401

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Daley, Denise A (see Bell, Jan M etal);E229

Daley, Denise A (see Coombs, Geoffrey W etal);E236, E244

Dalton, Craig B etal

Dalton, Craig B (see Coghlan, Benjamin etal);E204, E352

Dalton, Craig B (see Flint, James etal);E202

Davis, Stephanie etal

Defining a tuberculosis cluster or outbreak; Denholm, Justin etal;E356

deKluyver, Rachel etal

deKluyver, Rachel (see Pennington, Kate etal);E267

deKluyver, Rachel (see Sullivan, Sheena G etal);E347

Dengue virus infection

Denholm, Justin etal

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Deverell, Marie etal

Dey, Aditi etal

Dey, Aditi (see Hendry, Alexandra J etal);E470

Dey, Aditi (see Hull, Brynley P etal);E146


Doggett, Stephen L (see Knope, Katrina E etal);E17, E401

Dowse, Gary K (see Martin, Nicolee V etal);E454

Dups, Johanna (see Bright, Amy et al);E7

Durrheim, David N (see Dalton, Craig B etal);E512

Durrheim, DavidN (see Flint, James etal);E202

Dwyer, Dominic E (see Cheng, Allen C etal);E521

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Eastwood, Keith (see Flint, James etal);E202


Elliott, Elizabeth (see Deverell, Marie etal);E216

Enriquez, Rodney P (see Lahra, Monica M etal);E179, E221, E446, E447, E503, E554, E557, E560


Enterococcal sepsis


Estimates of influenza vaccine coverage from Victorian surveillance systems based in the community, primary care and hospitals; Coghlan,Benjamin etal;E204

Evaluation of the use of short message service during an avian influenza outbreak on a poultry farm in Young; Stephenson, Lisa M etal;E195

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Farrell, Hazel etal

Fearnley, Emily J (see May, Fiona J etal);E460

Fearnley, Emily (see Davis, Stephanie etal);E326

Feldman, Rebecca (see Knope, Katrina E etal);E17, E401

Ferguson, John K (see Flint, James etal);E202

Flavivirus infection (unspecified) including Zika virus

Flint, James etal


Flutracking weekly online community survey of influenza-like illness annual report, 2015; Dalton, Craig B etal;E512

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Foodborne disease

Franklin, Lucinda J (see Gibney, Katherine B etal);E317

Franklin, Lucinda J (see Pennington, Kate etal);E315

Franklin, Lucinda J (see Sullivan, Sheena G etal);E347

Friedman, N Deborah (see Cheng, Allen C etal);E521

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George, Narelle (see Bell, Jan M etal);E229

Gibney, Katherine B etal

Glynn-Robinson, Anna etal

Glynn-Robinson, Anna (see Pennington, Kate etal);E308

Gottlieb, Thomas (see Bell, Jan M etal);E229

Grant, Kristina A (see Coghlan, Benjamin etal);E204

Graves, Stephen (see Flint, James etal);E202


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Harwood, D Tim (see Farrell, Hazel etal);E1

Haycocknema perplexum: an emerging cause of parasitic myositis in Australia; Vos, Luke J etal;E496

Health care settings

Hendry, Alexandra J

Hendry, Alexandra J etal

Hewer, Robert (see Cheng, Allen C etal);E521

Hill, Richard (see Dey, Aditi etal);E377

Hill, Richard (see Hendry, Alexandra J etal);E470

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Hobby, Michaela (see Knope, Katrina E etal);E17, E401

Holmes, Mark (see Cheng, Allen C etal);E521

Hood, Jennie (see Corvisy, Rachael etal);E569

Howden, Benjamin P (see Coombs, Geoffrey W etal);E244

Howden, Benjamin P (see Martin, Nicolee V etal);E454

Hull, Brynley P etal

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Infection control guidelines for the management of patients with suspected or confirmed pulmonary tuberculosis in healthcare settings; Coulter, Chris etal;E360

Infectious and congenital syphilis notifications associated with an ongoing outbreak in northern Australia; Bright, Amy et al;E7

Infectious diseases notification practices, Victoria 2013; Gibney, Katherine B etal;E317


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Influenza Complications Alert Network

Invasive meningococcal infection

Invasive pneumococcal disease

Irving, Louis B (see Cheng, Allen C etal);E521

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Johansen, Cheryl A (see Knope, Katrina E etal);E17, E401

Johnson, Paul DR (see Coombs, Geoffrey W etal);E236

Johnston, Vanessa (see Moberley, Sarah A etal);E340

Judge, Daniel etal

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Kaldor, John M (see Cowling, Carleigh S etal);E255

Kelly, Heath A (see Coghlan, Benjamin etal);E204

Kelly, Heath A (see Dalton, Craig B etal);E512

Kelly, Paul M (see Cheng, Allen C etal);E521

Khandaker, Gulam (see Hendry, Alexandra J etal);E470

Kiedrzynski, Tomasz (see Reynolds, Gary E etal);E475

Kirk, Martyn D (see Davis, Stephanie etal);E326

Kirkwood, Carl D (see Roczo-Farkas, Susie etal);E527

Klug, Genevieve M etal

Knope, Katrina E etal

Knox, Stephanie (see Dey, Aditi etal);S1

Korman, Tony M(see Cheng, Allen C etal);E521

Kotsanas, Despina (see Coombs, Geoffrey W etal);E236

Kotsimbos, Tom (see Cheng, Allen C etal);E521

Krause, Vicki L (see Judge, Daniel etal);E334

Kurucz, Nina (see Knope, Katrina E etal);E17, E401

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Lahra, Monica M etal

Lahra, Monica M (see Martin, Nicolee V etal);E454

Lambert, Stephen B (see Martin, Nicolee V etal);E454

Lawrence, Jolie (see Moberley, Sarah A etal);E340

Leder, Karin (see Coghlan, Benjamin etal);E204, E352

Lee, Yung Thin (see Coombs, Geoffrey W etal);E236, E244

Lessing, Albert (see Cheng, Allen C etal);E521

Li-Kim-Moy, Jean etal


Liu, Bette C (see Cowling, Carleigh S etal);E255

Lynch, Stacey (see Knope, Katrina E etal);E17, E401

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Macartney, Kristine K (see Cheng, Allen C etal);E521

Macartney, Kristine K (see Dey, Aditi etal);E377

Macartney, Kristine K (see Hendry, Alexandra J etal);E470

Macartney, Kristine K (see Li-Kim-Moy, Jean etal);E482

Macartney, Kristine K (see Zurynski, Yvonne A etal);E391


Manning, Jennifer (see Farrell, Hazel etal);E1

Martin, Nicolee V etal

Master of Applied Epidemiology Program: Looking back, moving forward; Davis, Stephanie etal;E326

Masters, Colin L (see Klug, Genevieve M etal);E207, E368

Matson, Angela (see Reynolds, Gary E etal);E475

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May, Fiona J etal

McIntyre, Peter B (see Dey, Aditi etal);S1

McIntyre, Peter B (see Hull, Brynley P etal);E146

McIntyre, Peter B (see Li-Kim-Moy, Jean etal);E482

McLean, Catriona (see Klug, Genevieve M etal);E207, E368

McNabb, Paul (see Farrell, Hazel etal);E1

McRae, Jocelynne E (see Zurynski, Yvonne A etal);E391

Meningococcal infection

Menzies, Robert I (see Hull, Brynley P etal);E146

Merritt, Tony D (see Flint, James etal);E202

Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus (MERS-CoV)

Moberley, Sarah A etal

Muller, Mike (see Knope, Katrina E etal);E17, E401

Multidrug-resistant tuberculosis in the Northern Territory: A 10-year retrospective case series; Judge, Daniel etal;E334

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National Arbovirus and Malaria Advisory Committee

National Influenza Surveillance Committee

National Influenza Surveillance Scheme

National Neisseria Network

National notifiable diseases

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National Notifiable Diseases Surveillance System

National Tuberculosis Advisory Committee

Neisseria gonorrhoeae

Neisseria meningitidis

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New Zealand

Nicholson, Jay (see Knope, Katrina E etal);E17

Nimmo, Graeme R (see Coombs, Geoffrey W etal);E244

NNDSS Annual Reports Writing Group

Northern Territory

Notifiable diseases

Notification practices

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Oakman, Tracey L (see Stephenson, Lisa M etal);E195

O’Kane, Fiona (see Reynolds, Gary E etal);E475

Ong, Katherine S (see Martin, Nicolee V etal);E454

Osbourn, Maggi (see Flint, James etal);E202

Outbreak response


Owen, Rhonda (see Veitch, Mark etal);E451


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Paediatric Active Enhanced Disease Surveillance network

Paediatric surveillance

Pang, Stanley (see Coombs, Geoffrey W etal);E236

Parasitic myositis

Patel, Cyra (see Li-Kim-Moy, Jean etal);E482

Patel, Mahomed S (see Davis, Stephanie etal);E326

Patient management

Pearson, Julie C (see Coombs, Geoffrey W etal);E236, E244

Pennington, Kate etal

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Pennington, Kate (see Glynn-Robinson, Anna etal);E564

Pennington, Kate (see Sullivan, Sheena G etal);E347

Pneumococcal disease

Polkinghorne, Benjamin G (see May, Fiona J etal);E460


Public health action following an outbreak of toxigenic cutaneous diphtheria in an Auckland refugee resettlement centre; Reynolds, Gary E etal;E475

Pulmonary tuberculosis

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Q fever and contact with kangaroos in New South Wales; Flint, James etal;E202

Quarterly reports

Quinn, Helen E (see Dey, Aditi etal);E377

Quinn, Helen E (see Zurynski, Yvonne A etal);E391

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Raupach, Jane (see Pennington, Kate etal);E315

Raupach, Jane (see Sullivan, Sheena G etal);E347


Reviewers for Communicable Diseases Intelligence, 2016; E595

Revised surveillance case definitions

Reynolds, Gary E etal

Rise in invasive serogroup W meningococcal disease in Australia, 2013-2015; Martin, Nicolee V etal;E454

Rise in invasive serogroup W meningococcal disease in Australia, 2013-2015: Editorial; Veitch, Mark etal;E451

Robertson, Thomas (see Vos, Luke J etal);E496

Roberts, Sally A (see Reynolds, Gary E etal);E475

Robinson, J Owen (see Coombs, Geoffrey W etal);E236, E244

Robson, Jenny (see Bell, Jan M etal);E229

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Roczo-Farkas, Susie etal


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Sarros, Shannon (see Klug, Genevieve M etal);E207, E368

Saul, Nathan (see Martin, Nicolee V etal);E454

Saunders, Helen (see Reynolds, Gary E etal);E475


Senanayake, Sanjaya (see Cheng, Allen C etal);E521

Shadbolt, Craig (see Farrell, Hazel etal);E1

Sheppeard, Vicky (see Stephenson, Lisa M etal);E195

Shiga toxin-producing Escherichia coli (STEC)

Simpson, Graham (see Cheng, Allen C etal);E521

Simpson, Marion (see Klug, Genevieve M etal);E207, E368

Singh, Salvin K (see Reynolds, Gary E etal);E475

Sly, Angus (see Knope, Katrina E etal);E17, E401

Snelling, Thomas L (see Cowling, Carleigh S etal);E255

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Staphylococcus aureus

Stehmann, Christiane (see Klug, Genevieve M etal);E207, E368

Stephens, Nicola (see Gibney, Katherine B etal);E317

Stephenson, Lisa M etal

Stocks, Nigel P (see Chilver, Monique B-N etal);E182, E306, E448, E561

Sullivan, Sheena G etal

Sullivan, Sheena G (see Pennington, Kate etal);E315

Summary of National Surveillance Data on Vaccine Preventable Diseases in Australia, 2008–2011; Dey, Aditi etal;S1

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Surveillance case definitions

Surveillance of adverse events following immunisation in Australia annual report, 2014; Dey, Aditi etal;E377

Surveillance systems

Surveillance systems reported in Communicable Diseases Intelligence, 2016;E11


Szabo, Lisa (see Farrell, Hazel etal);E1

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Timing of influenza vaccination in an Australian community-based surveillance system, 2010–2014; Coghlan, Benjamin etal;E352

Toms, Cindy (see deKluyver, Rachel etal);E185

Toms, Cindy (see Glynn-Robinson, Anna etal);E564

Toms, Cindy (see Pennington, Kate etal);E308



Turahui, John A (see Farrell, Hazel etal);E1

Turnidge, John D (see Bell, Jan M etal);E229

Turnidge, John D (see Coombs, Geoffrey W etal);E236, E244

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Upham, John W (see Cheng, Allen C etal);E521

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Vaccine coverage

Vaccine preventable diseases

vandenBerg, Debra J (see Farrell, Hazel etal);E1


Veitch, Mark etal

Viney, Kerri (see Davis, Stephanie etal);E326

Vos, Luke J etal

Voss, Lesley M (see Reynolds, Gary E etal);E475

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Wang, Han (see Dey, Aditi etal);E377, S1

Ward, James S (see Cowling, Carleigh S etal);E255

Wark, Peter A (see Cheng, Allen C etal);E521

Waterer, Grant W (see Cheng, Allen C etal);E521

Wilson, David P (see Cowling, Carleigh S etal);E255

Wood, Nicholas J (see Zurynski, Yvonne A etal);E391

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Yin, Jiehui Kevin (see Li-Kim-Moy, Jean etal);E482

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Zammit, Anthony (see Farrell, Hazel etal);E1

Zika vurus


Zurynski, Yvonne A etal

Zurynski, Yvonne A (see Deverell, Marie etal);E216

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